To Dry Creek Charity, “grassroots” means reciprocity, kinship and getting-the-job-done with colleagues like Paul Fetzer—who has brilliantly created Holladay Community Gardens or Nguyen Van Thinh, the ex-math professor who is constructing his tenth kindergarten in the flood-prone lowlands of Vietnam. Juan Gilberto coaches good grades and community service within our Hispanic community as much as Break-Thru Soccer victories. Jerry and Ellen Simons safeguard the lives of indigenous Peruvians as principal collaborators. True to our human nature and with your help, Dry Creek will flow freely.


Dry Creek Charity provides funds and frameworks for altruistic work almost anywhere. DCC focuses on grassroots, collaboration and getting-the-job-done. We will lead, ride “shotgun” or even occupy the backseat as new opportunities are uncovered and projects embraced. Dry Creek is open to you.

While we do not limit our projects to a specific cause, we prioritize the following:

  • Providing funding, with collaborators, to accomplish grassroots projects that uplift communities and cultures at risk.

  • Prioritizing children and youth: early childhood education, their constructive activities & sports. “Every youngster deserves a shot.”

  • Pursuing causes which advance healthy futures for ourselves and our planet.


Prior to organizing formally in April of 2011, the forerunners of Dry Creek Charity, including The Rosenberg Cultural Fund and the ProHealth Lab, worked both internationally and locally on projects ranging from kindergarten construction in Vietnam to disaster response in Africa, Haiti and Indonesia. Today, Dry Creek Charity continues the work established by its predecessors while embracing new opportunities. For more information about past projects, please feel free to contact us.

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