Nutriex is a nonprofit supplement company focused on anti-inflammatory and joint nutrition.


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Dr. Thomas Rosenberg
Dr. Randall Olson


Over 20 years ago, given the experiences of my patients and surgical cases, I could see a deepest need to reverse American nutritional trends. A small minority of  patients revealed superior health, bright, uninflamed tissues at the time of surgery, and superior recoveries. They were the ones who had adopted anti-inflammatory, pro-health nutrition/eating.  Passionately at that time we embraced a desire for all of our patients to discover and enjoy preventive health nutrition, not just the select few.

 After a year of scientific investigation, careful reviews of each source, input from a pro bono panel of esteemed specialists, and by virtue of a unique formulation process that could blend all of our target nutrients into one product, Nutriex was born in 1999. Consistent with our altruistic motivation, Nutriex since become managed as a nonprofit company and later as an altruistic endeavor of Dry Creek Charity. Gratitude is owed Kathleen Deffner, Gene Oakes, Janet Footcrowe, Jansen Gunderson, Kim Wheelwright, and several others for leading Nutriex, first and foremost by their own altruistic instincts.


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