The Mount Olympus Garden is an exemplar of community collaboration, uniting political, nonprofit, and constituent voices to transform a long-vacant plot of land into a community pillar.



Holladay, UT


May 2012


Paul Fetzer


One of our earliest projects, the Mount Olympus Refugee Garden provides plots for local Bhutanese refugees to grow and harvest their own food in partnership with the New Roots of Utah program through the IRC. Over the years, the garden has become an integral part of these refugees’ lives, not only providing them with a means of food production, but also serving as a gathering place for cultural celebrations and community meals.

In addition to the refugee plots, a section of the garden is reserved for Howard R. Driggs Elementary School and Olympus Jr. High for educational purposes, providing students and faculty with a resource for expanding educational principles, for teaching and mentoring gardening skills, and for nurturing friendships within the embrace of the garden.