Settling In / by Chandler Rosenberg


India celebrates Children's Day on November 14 but Manav Sadhna invited 1,500 children who attend the 5 centers at Gandhi Ashram the following Sunday. There were various games, fingernail painting, singing, dancing, puppet and magic shows, rides, and treats. It was so much fun to interact with students outside of school. The next day the Kiran Center had a field trip to a beautiful mosque, two Hindu temples, and to Shankus Water Park & Resort. It was a great bonding experience with the sweet teachers and Ajaybhai.


Virenbhai put together a neat gathering for Thanksgiving for the American staff and volunteers. The ladies who work in the kitchen cooked amazing food! It was just as fun to gather together around food.

There is so much love and support within the Manav Sadhna staff. The teacher developments lead by Anjali, Malti, and Neelam are very enriching and stretch every person who participates. Assisted in my first teacher development training. I'm very fortunate to be included in this staff. Free flowing creativity of using the analogy of a tree to develop the teacher as an individual.


I experienced a profound meditation gathering at the Awakin weekly group. If you don't mind indulging me in expressing a bit of my spiritual enlightenment, the passage that was shared was entitled, "The Messiah is One of Us" by Megan McKenna. My spiritual enlightenment is to be able to see the full potential beyond the current circumstances of each child and person I interact with. We are more likely to treat each other with more kindness and have sincere hope for them as whomever you may believe in as a Higher Power sees in each of us. That is what I'm striving to achieve within myself as I go on developing my new friendships and connecting with the children at Kiran Center and at Manav Sadhna and cultivate my current ones back home.