Our greatest humanistic endeavors prevail and endure only through collaboration. Dry Creek Charity relies on the hard work, dedication and contribution of a remarkable network of volunteers and friends.

If you are interested in collaborating with Dry Creek Charity, please email us at or contact Brian Rasmussen at 801-455-5810.


Dry Creek Charity recognizes that giving time through volunteer work is as valuable as any other form of charitable work. Our team strives to donate time whenever possible to worthy causes in Utah. We encourage everyone to volunteer their time. We are eager to connect your desire with volunteer opportunities.

Current volunteer opportunities include:

grASP (grassroots After School Projects)

There are meaningful opportunities to mentor kids during Dry Creek’s after school projects in both Granite and Salt Lake School Districts. These projects focus on activities that allow kids to build relationships, learn new skills and have fun. Typically, projects are held during weekdays from 3:00–4:30. You can select time slots, days and schools that work with your schedule. Visit and contact Margaret Peterson or email Brian Rasmussen at for more information.

Mountainview Community Garden

Do you enjoy getting your hands dirty? The Mountainview Community Garden sponsored by Dry Creek Charity is a great ways to do just that. With 40 grow boxes on the site, half are reserved for the school and teachers and the other half for community members. Students participate in all stages of the food growth process. They are also making the connection between what they are growing and what they are eating in the school cafeteria and at home. Many of these students are refugees and are accustomed to a different diet than that being served to them now. By growing food both at school and with their family, they can see the connection between all of these cuisines. There are opportunities to help mentor gardeners/kids in best practices as well as other labor such as weeding, building garden boxes and assisting with the construction of the outdoor classroom. To learn more contact Keri Taddie at

Mount Olympus Refugee Garden

Led by Holladay resident Paul Fetzer, the Mt. Olympus Garden provides individuals, families and community service groups a wonderful opportunity. With an amazing backdrop of Mt. Olympus, this garden has over 40 large grow boxes that grow vegetables for resettled refugees. There are always opportunities to help in the garden, the chicken coop and the beehive. You won’t regret spending a morning, afternoon or working as a regular at this beautiful place. Contact Paul Fetzer at or Brian at to find at how you can help.

Break-Thru Soccer

Fun and rewarding volunteer opportunities exist to help coach, mentor or tutor Break-Thru Soccer players. No soccer experience is required. Some players are refugees who come from other countries and are still learning English. A great volunteer opportunity is serving as a team booster. What is a team booster? It is a unique opportunity to play a positive role in a youngster’s life. YOU can make a difference! As a team booster you can do the following as your time allows:

  • Get to know the kids…Each has a unique and special history.
  • Encourage healthy nutrition and positive attitude/dedication to school.
  • Provide transportation to two or three events per season.
  • Reach out and embrace kids who need you most. Our players are talented; most come from a challenging start to life.
  • Enjoy the excitement of your team’s matches.
  • Contact Brian Rasmussen at to learn more.

Asian Association of Utah

One of the most important things members of our community can do to welcome refugees is to become part of a refugee’s life. Our volunteers provide invaluable support to refugees as they adjust to everyday life in the U.S.—and more often than not, our volunteers gain just as much from the experience. You can get involved with Asian Association of Utah in the following capacities:

  • Refugee Family Mentor
  • ESL In-Class Assistant
  • After School Program Volunteer
  • Office Support
  • One-time Projects and Events
  • Internships

Catholic Community Services

Volunteers are the backbone of Catholic Community Services of Utah (CCS). Their time, energy and compassion are what make our programs so successful. CCS volunteers are thoroughly trained and undergo background checks to ensure the safety and overall quality of our programs. Visit to learn more about how you can help.

Eagle Scout Projects

Dry Creek welcomes the opportunity to work with prospective Eagle Scouts on projects that benefit our community. Some examples of Eagle Scout projects are organizing a refugee soccer tournament, painting a chicken coop for a community garden and building planter boxes. We love partnering on Eagle Scout Projects and can back you up! Contact Brian Rasmussen at

Manav Sadhna / Dry Creek Charity Fellowship

The Sabarmati “Kiran” Center, Manav Sadhna’s newest community center inaugurated in fall 2016, provides supplemental, value-based education to 175 slum children in Ahmedabad, India. Due to a growing urban population and a lack of government support, life in India’s urban slums remains stagnant for most of its residents, with opportunities for education and economic mobility fairly difficult to secure. 20 years ago, Manav Sadhna found a way to empower these disadvantaged and deserving communities through community centers. By offering a communal space, providing value-based education to children, and delivering other basic services such as medical treatment, substance abuse treatment, and dental care, these community centers have put many slum-residents on track for a better life.

The Dry Creek – Manav Sadhna Fellowship was designed to give recent college graduates the opportunity to serve some of India’s most deserving communities, get to know another culture and see the world outside of their own. Fellows will be serving in various capacities and will have the chance to tailor their experience to their own interests. The hope is that the fellowship will leave a lasting impact and encourage the fellows to incorporate an element of service into their future careers. For more information on this year’s fellowship, see the application.